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Witzend  Dog  Training
We Love Your Dogs!

New Service  Now Offering - DAY TRAINING
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- Available for dogs and puppies of any age
​Day Training:
  • We designed this service for the busy, working dog owners who simply don't have as much time to dedicate to training. A certified dog trainer will come to your house while you can't be there, and take your dog for a walk while working on loose leash walking, proper meet and greets of people and dogs, and training the dog to automatically sit when the handler stops walking. The trainer may also address any specific behaviors and release of energy for your dog during your absence. Moreover, the trainer will periodically meet with you and positively reinforce the skills your puppy is learning.
  • A certified dog trainer comes to your home and works with you one on one, focusing on the specific behaviors you want improved and providing the tools necessary to achieve your training goals. Great for new or inexperienced dog owners!
A Dog is for Life
Don't let your dog
drive you to your
wits' end, let Witzend
dog training show
you how to live a 
long and happy life
with your best friend!
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